Fratello Coffee Roasters - Calgary

Yes, I know, we live in Portland and have great coffee all over town, but when I'm in the mood for some out of town coffee, I turn to my buddies at Fratello  in Calgary.  In my opinion, Fratello is roasting up some of the best coffees around and I always enjoy their coffee.  During the holidays and snow storm, I was craving some of Fratellos Cosa Rican "Honey Prep" and called my buddy Russ to order some coffee, to my surprise, Russ hooked me up with all of these coffees and damn they were good.

Fratello does a great job sourcing their coffee, I know this because I met Russ in Honduras when we were both on the Cup of Excellence jury and was able to learn a lot about his companies focus over beers and big plates of mystery meat.  So, they source their coffee really well, roast their coffee really well and have cool bags, so you should probably order some coffee soon eh?

If you are going to try Fratello for the first time, I will suggest you try the "honey prep" Costa Rican!

Fratello Coffee Roasters
4021 9 Street SE
Calgary, AB Canada


Bunk Sandwiches

Bunk Sandwiches opened a couple of months ago in the old Nu Cafe spot on East Morrison, and with a complete remodel, they opened up in a neighborhood in need of a good restaurant.  In my "best of 2008", I named Bunk Sandwiches as the Best New Restaurant and although there were some notable restaurant openings in 2008, I think this is a important one.  Anything that reminds me of the East Coast is welcomed in my book and the breakfast sandwiches on hard rolls are a reminder of the few things that I miss about "home."  With ingredients like Bone Marrow, Pork Belly, Mortadella, Tripe, Salt Cod, Pork Confit and Oxtail on the menu, you can see that this isn't your normal Sandwich Shop!

It must the the Chef in me, but I am convinced that Line Cooks and Chefs eat more sandwiches than anything else and thats why I get excited about great sandwiches.  For all of the years that I spent in kitchens, I can only remember a few times eating a normal meal, one of which was due to a server giving us the wrong numbers for a banquet and having about a dozen steaks dying in the window!  That's the only time at that restaurant that I remember eating with entire kitchen, it's funny, we were all happy to be sitting down and eating dinner, the shitty part was that we were sitting in the alley by the dumpsters on milk crates in the rain, no lie, in the rain, eating Filets with Demi, Potatoes Lyonnaise and Broccolini, good times!

So if you are looking for a great sandwich cooked and served by a bunch on nice folks, Bunk Sandwiches should be on the top of your list!

Bunk Sandwiches
621 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214


My Best Of 2008

This is my second "Best Of" list that I have made here at Food & Ink and although quite a few of these are the same as last year, there are a lot of newcomers to this list.  I try to check out as many places as I can but there are always places that I am unable to visit, so please let me know what I have missed and where I should make sure to check out in 2009.  Happy New Year!

Best Restaurant - Pok Pok
Best New Restaurant - Bunk Sandwiches
Best Chef - Andy Ricker
Best Lunch - Higgin's
Best Burger - Helvetia Tavern
Best Fast Food Burger - Five Guys
Best Taco - Por Que No
Best Pork Belly - Toast
Best Barbecue - Russell Street Bar-B-Cue
Best Pizza - Ken's Artisan Pizza
Best Slice - Bella Faccia
Best Bagel - Kenny & Zukes
Best Fish & Chips - Halibut's 
Best Sandwich - Tribute's
Best Gyro - Aybla
Best Cuban Sandwich - Pambiche
Best Food Cart - Garden State
Best Pub - The Horse Brass
Best Coffee - Portland Roasting
Best Coffee Shop - Albina Press on Hawthorne 
Best Dessert - Jaciva's
Best Local Beer - Laurelwood Moose & Squirrel Russian Imperial Stout
Best Breakfast - Pinestate Biscuits
Best Breakfast Potatoes - Toast
Best Eggs Benedict - Milo's City Cafe
Best Bakery - Little T American Bakery
Best Chinese Restaurant - Ling Garden
Best Dim Sum - Wong's King Seafood Restaurant
Best Thai - Thai Mango
Best Indian - Indish
Best Italian - Portofino
Best French - Carafe
Best Brunch - Papa Haydn
Best Cheese - Steve's Cheese
Best French Fries - Russell Street Bar-B-Que & Bluehour
Best Vegetarian - Laughing Planet
Best Vegan - There is no such thing!

And again like last year, just a few random "best of" things that don't belong on this blog.

Best Album - Mending by The New Frontiers
Best "New" Band - The Paper Rival
Best Concert - Minus The Bear
Best Movie - Forgetting Sarah Marshall 
Best TV Show - The Office
Best Reality TV - Top Chef
Best Resurrected Vinyl - Star Wars Soundtrack with original Poster in mint condition!