Fletch Halyburton, Park City, Utah

Fletch Halyburton is the Executive Chef and Partner for Savoury Kitchen in Park City, Utah. They're a catering company that is doing it right, brining their own pickles, breaking down whole hogs, canning, composting and buying locally. Those sweet tongs were laid on at 11th Street Electric Tattoo in Salt Lake City.

It's great to see people banging out good food in different parts of the country, the "farm to table" movement is huge in the Northwest and its nice to see it popping up elsewhere. There is something about Chefs breaking down whole hogs that makes me happy, using those bits that are so often frowned upon, braising the cheeks and eating them on the line, not even sharing with the customer, making head cheese and using the trotters, damn, I'm getting hungry! I truly miss working in kitchens. Hats off to the guys at Savoury Kitchen, if you are in need of some catering in Park City, Utah, give them a call.

Savoury Kitchen
Park City, Utah