Apizza Scholls - Portland, Oregon

Apizza Scholls has had so much press and such a buzz around it that I avoided it until now, actually, my son and I tried going about a year ago and the staff was so rude, that we decided not to wait the hour and went to Kens instead. Apizza Scholls didn't do take out for a long time and as a single Dad, it's much easier to grab a pie and take it home, so that's another reason I avoided this place for so long. So, with all of that said, it was my last night in Portland, my son was already on the East Coast, I was sleeping on a air mattress and I was hungry!

I rolled in to Apizza Scholls and the place was packed, since they now do "to go" pies a few night a week, I decided to order it to go, grab a drink and take it to my empty house. I went with a Sausage and Onion pie, it was not only what I expected, but it was a bit more. I was really impressed with Apizza Scholls, still kind of pissed about the first time I tried to go, but will certainly go back next time I'm in Portland. My favorite pie in town is still Ken's, but Apizza Scholls is a solid second and with a few more visits, I might just have a new favorite!!!

Apizza Scholls
4741 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR