Food & Ink Update!

After a taking a few months off from Food & Ink, I have decided to return.  The format will be changing a bit and I will be taking Food & Ink on the road.  I will be moving from Portland back to my home town of Richmond, Virginia and changing Portland Food & Ink to plain and simple Food & Ink.  I had started reviewing things outside of Portland some time ago and now that I have decided to move my home base, it only makes sense to mix things up with Food & Ink!    I am also hoping to get more interaction from Chefs, Tattoo Artists, Fans and anyone else with not just food tattoos, but any work that you would like people to see.  Please stay tuned for these changes, I will be posting some Portland stuff for the next month, but then I am hitting the road and going back to the Southeast!  Thanks for tuning and and being patient.