Cochon 555

A couple of weeks ago some folks from Cochon 555 emailed me about this event that was being labeled as 5 Pigs, 5 Chefs and 5 Winemakers, and needless to say, I was in!  The Chefs for this event were Vitaly Paley, Gabriel Rucker, Tommy Habetz, John Gorham and Alex Bourgidu.

So 5 local Chefs were each given a pig and asked to bang out some sweet food, and bang out some sweet food they did!  

I was blown away by some of the food that I sampled that night, it started out with a little taster of the gelatin from the Head Cheese at Bunk Sandwiches table, I could have walked away then and been happy, I am a fan of deliciously salty and rich gelatin that tasted like Pork!

Another of my favorites that night came off of the Le Pigeon table where Gabriel had some White Beans and Pork with a Fennel "Jam" that was crazy good!  

From the Toro Bravo table came some Pork and Sausages with Sauerkraut that was killer and a sweet new Bob's Big Boy Tattoo!

From the Bunk Sandwiches table came one of my favorites of the night and it was Head and Trotter Bahn Mi, one of my favorite sandwiches and it was made with Head Cheese, I was in Heaven!

I was amazed at the turn out, the place was packed and there was barely enough room to eat, but it was worth the occasional elbow to the ribs to see and taste what these Chefs are doing in Portland. 

Adam Sappington from The Country Cat broke down a pig and gave a nice presentation on butchering Pork, it was very obvious that he does this every week.

So the winner of the evening was Vitaly Paley, and although I had quite a few tasty plates this evening, I must say that I agreed with the Judges and was stoked to have eaten Paleys food that night.  It was coursed out and the menu was: Truffled Consomme Royalle with a little bacon custard at the bottom and a Oregon Truffle on top, the second "course" was Crispy Black Pudding with Bacon Hollandaise and that was my favorite bite of the evening, and the last plate was Pig in a Sausage Blanket and well, that should speak for itself.  I hope that Cochon 555 comes back through Portland next year, if so, they should have this event at a much bigger space, with the success of this one, Im sure more people will come out for next years event.