Fratello Coffee Roasters - Calgary

Yes, I know, we live in Portland and have great coffee all over town, but when I'm in the mood for some out of town coffee, I turn to my buddies at Fratello  in Calgary.  In my opinion, Fratello is roasting up some of the best coffees around and I always enjoy their coffee.  During the holidays and snow storm, I was craving some of Fratellos Cosa Rican "Honey Prep" and called my buddy Russ to order some coffee, to my surprise, Russ hooked me up with all of these coffees and damn they were good.

Fratello does a great job sourcing their coffee, I know this because I met Russ in Honduras when we were both on the Cup of Excellence jury and was able to learn a lot about his companies focus over beers and big plates of mystery meat.  So, they source their coffee really well, roast their coffee really well and have cool bags, so you should probably order some coffee soon eh?

If you are going to try Fratello for the first time, I will suggest you try the "honey prep" Costa Rican!

Fratello Coffee Roasters
4021 9 Street SE
Calgary, AB Canada