Five Guys Burgers and Fries

While in Virginia a few weeks ago, I fell in love with Five Guys, I went their twice and couldn't wait to get back to Portland and tell everyone I knew about the place.  Luckily while I was on vacation, the Beaverton location opened and had my plane not been delayed causing me to land at PDX after midnight, I would have driven straight to Five Guys.  So a few days later I drove over to Beaverton and picked up a bag of burgers and fries, the place was full, so we had to take it home and by the time we got home, well, it kind of sucked.  I found myself over near Five Guys a couple of weeks ago and I realized that it was almost 11:00 so I decided to swing in for a burger, luckily I was the second person in line and was glad that I was going to be able to grab a table, so I ordered, got my Coke and sat down to wait for my delicious burger.  Here is where shit started to go south for me, they messed up my order twice and by the end of it, the old shit head that I assume was the Manager tried telling me that I was wrong the second time, as soon as I opened the foil, a pickle rolled out and my ticket clearly didn't have pickles on it!  You would think that with 20 people working back there making burgers, they wouldn't have fucked it up twice.  I didn't give a shit because I knew the burger was going to be good and I know that it's a new place, the big big problem is this crotchity old ass hole that's mad at the world!  He honestly made me want to never step foot back into another Five Guys, but with a attitude like his, I hope that he won't be there long, because although they messed up my order, the line is always long, and there's never any place to sit, the majority of the staff is friendly and the main thing is that the burger is BAD ASS tasty and the fries are fresh and delicious.  Good news, Coke and not Pepsi, and free Peanuts!  So after that long rant, I will say that Five Guys has one of the best Fast Food burgers around, and it's worth a try, give the Beaverton location a few months to settle down and I'm sure once they get a new Manager, it will be much better.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
2606 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005


Ketchup Potato Chips

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of my favorite snacks and leave it up to some Canadians to hook me up with some Ketchup Chips.  Some friends of mine came to Portland recently and came bearing gifts, not only did they bring these delicious Old Dutch Ketchup Potato Chips, but they also brought a crazy ass assortment of Candy Bars, most of which I had never heard of, some that tasted like heaven and some that tasted like shit.  The best of the Candy Bars was one of my all time favorites that I have just recently started to see around Portland, its the Coffee Crisp and oh it is tasty.  At one time, Tim's Cascade was producing a Ketchup Chip that was bitchin, but I think that I was the only one buying them!  So for now, I am going to rely on my Canadian friends to supply me with these delicious treats.


Thai Thai II

With so many Thai restaurants in this town, it's impossible to try them all, luckily, I have found a few good ones.  Thai Thai is really good, it has a pretty standard menu with all of usual delicious Thai entrees, soups, appetizers and curries.  

Chicken Pad Thai, Tofu Pad See Ew and Chicken Tom Yum are what we ordered and they were all quite tasty.  All of the lunches were $6.50 and came out of the kitchen super fast, this place is perfect for lunch, it's fast and really good.

Next time I will go for dinner and look forward to trying the Thai BBQ, Squid Salad, Fried Rice, Catfish Red Curry and the Kung Pao, I'm sure it's all good!  

Thai Thai II
1400 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97214


Oddball Studios

For the past year or so I have been going to Oddball Studios for my tattoos and have trusted Jason Leisge to design my last two pieces.  After being extremely stoked about the huge Asian design that we spent about 6 months on, I knew that I wanted him to do another piece on me, so he is now working on a bit of cover up and a new design on one of my arms.  I have seen a lot of good work come out of this shop and they were recently recognized for being bad ass in the October 2008 issue of Tattoo Magazine!

2716 SE 21st
Portland, OR 97202


Mi Famiglia Wood Oven Pizzeria

I am always in search of good Pie, and when I heard there was a restaurant in Oregon City of all places that was busting out Wood Fired Pizza, I immediately drove down to try it.  I need to get down there and try it again because my first experience was only so so.  The main appeal of a  Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the amazing crust that it produces, but, there is a fine line between perfect and burnt and on this particular night, my crust was burnt.  I know that this isn't always the case because I have had a lot of people tell me that Mi Famiglia is great.  The place is gorgeous, huge dining room, nice open kitchen and a very nice staff.  My wife had the Meat Lasagna and it was bitchin, some of the best that I have had in a long time.  So, I'm not going to say that this is some of the best Pie around, I do think it's the best in Oregon City and on a good night, well, we will have wait until next time!



Sliders have become very mainstream recently, but until a few years ago one of the only places to find a tasty small burger was at Krystals.  They have been around for 75 years and although White Castle was doing it first, Krystal has been at it for quite some time now but unfortunately, you cant find them outside of the Southern United States.  

For all of you Southerners in Portland that are reading this and thinking how much it sucks that we don't have Krystal's in the Northwest, I'm sorry, but there are some good sliders in this town.  I hadn't been to a Krystal in 10 years, but last week I was in Atlanta and was pretty stoked to grab a bag of burgers.

I must say that they weren't as good as I remembered, but few things are, especially something that is delivered within a minute or so.  If you find yourself around a Krystal, make sure you give it a try, but if you are looking for a good slider in Portland, Blueplate is the place to go!



Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks is not only brewing up tasty Organic Beers, but they have a nice menu as well.  The menu has plenty of traditional appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pizzas.  Hopworks is getting some great press, not only about the beer and food, but they are the only Oregon Brewery powered by 100% renewable energy!

The food is good, I had a burger and fries, the burger was cooked to order made from Cascade Natural Beef and came to the table Medium, the fries were fresh cut, thick and Organic.  A Pear and Nut Salad was also ordered and although I didn't try it, it was apparently really good.  As a whole, I really like Hopworks and look forward to going back, I hear that their Pizza is good and I'm always looking for a good slice, so next time I go, I will certainly go for a Slice and a Pint!

Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202