Piroshky Piroshky - Seattle

Piroshky Piroshky is my favorite Russian Bakery and it's the only place in Seattle that I will always make it a point to eat at when I make the drive North.  The Beef and Cheese Piroshky has cured many a hangover and has always been what I crave, but there are so many to choose from, it's hard to just pick one.

My last trip to Seattle was a long weekend and I found myself at Piroshky Piroshky a few times, so I decided to branch out a bit and try something new.  Although the Beef and Cheese is still my favorite, I haven't had anything that wasn't awesome.  I tried the Spinach, Egg and Cheese, the Potato, Onion and Cheese and what is now my second favorite, the Smoked Mozzarella, Broccoli and Mushroom, damn good!

Piroshky Piroshky is right in the middle of the tourist infested Pike Place Market, but if you go early, it's mellow and totally worth it.  Have breakfast at Etta's, grab some coffee at Le Panier and get a bag full of Piroshkys for the drive back to Portland.

Piroshky Piroshky
1908 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101


Pimento Cheese

Pimento Cheese is a southern classic that I grew up with and although it was always around as a kid, I just recently learned to appreciate it.  If you aren't familiar with the Pimento, it looks like a small Red Pepper but more heart shaped, when you buy them in a jar at the Grocery Store they kind of resembles a Roasted Red Pepper in taste. The only place in Portland that I have had Pimento Cheese is at Pinestate Biscuits and it is pretty damn tasty.  You might be able to find it at Bernie's or The Screen Door or at least get them to whip some up for you, and it is worth a try.  My Dad always made his with Cheddar, Pimentos and Mayo, that's it!  So I used that as a base for mine, but I ended up adding some Roasted Red Peppers, a bit of dry mustard, some Roasted Garlic, Cream Cheese, and some Chipotles.  The Chipotles really made it good, I mean really good, my Dad would be proud that I finally embraced the Pimento Cheese that I avoided as a kid.  So, if you haven't tried it, reach way back in to your cabinet and grab that jar of Pimentos that you don't know why you have it or where it came from and whip up some tasty Pimento Cheese, it's easy, Grated Cheddar, Pimentos, Mayo and whtever else you are in the mood for, make a sandwich, spread it on some Crackers or my favorite, top a Burger with it.  


The McNasty

I normally write about delicious food that I have recently been so lucky to have tasted, but I must share a dining experience that I recently had.  As I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Kansas City, a commercial came on about the McRib sandwich and it mentioned how it is available for a limited time only, I laughed and joked about getting one since it only comes around one a year.  He was amazed that I had never had one and some how convinced me to make the trip over to the Big Yellow Monster and spend my cash on this thing.  Well, I can now say that I have tried it, the only thing that makes me happy about this experience is knowing that I will never have another one.  As you can see, this thing looks disgusting and has been molded to look like it has bones in it, I don't know why, because I really don't think this thing is actually made of Pork, it tasted more like Chicken, but who the hell really knows.  This thing has huge pieces of Onion on it, some Pickles and is finished with a nasty Barbecue Sauce that tastes like Shit!  Don't let anyone talk you in to trying the "specials" at a fast food restaurant, it can't possibly be good.  Yet another reason to eat local!


¿Por QuĂ© No? on Hawthorne

So here it is, the new Por Que No Taqueria on Hawthorne is finally open!  I'm not sure what the address is, but its just down the street from Jaciva Bakery, maybe 46th or so?  

I hit Por Que No for lunch last week and couldn't have been happier walking through the door, I immediately felt at home, the space is great, a big open dining room that is open to Hawthorne and extends back to a patio behind the restaurant.  

The menu is the same as the Mississippi location so I went with my regular order, The Bryans Bowl with Carnitas and a Margarita.  I wasn't surprised when the food came out and it was tasty, I also wasn't surprised that I wanted another Margarita, that's how I always feel at the other location.  The Carnitas were perfect and the Marg was really tasty!

The Margaritas at Por Que No are, in my opinion, the best in town, I could drink quite a few of them and have been known to do just that.  The food is always solid, and the kitchen at Hawthorne gives the cooks a bit more room to move.

Compared to the Mississippi location, the new space is huge, probably five times as big and I dig it.  The new location is certainly where I will go now, it's more convenient for me and although I have only been there once, thanks to my friend Hanna, I already feel like a regular.

One of the things I like about Por Que No is how everyone seems happy, it must be a pretty cool place to work and judging from the owners everyday attitude, I can see why they have a good group of people working there.  Portland isn't known for it's good customer service, I'm still not sure why it's OK for people to be rude while they pull shots of espresso for your drink you just gave them money for!  But at Por Que No, you won't have this problem, most of the time Bryan, the owner, says hello and makes sure that everything is cool, it's OK to ask questions about the menu and everyone seems stoked to be serving great food.

I know that there are a ton of Taco shops, carts and trucks kicking around Portland, I have tried most of them, but very few have everything that I am looking for in a restaurant, at Por Que No the food is always solid, the drinks are always tasty and the service is always excellent.  I have said it more that once, Por Que No has bitchin Tacos!

Bonus Tattoo, thanks Hanna!