I had heard from the folks over at Portland Hamburgers that Muu-Muu's had a pretty good and unique burger and seeing as how they have never let me down, I couldn't resist.  So this place kicks ass for lunch and I can only imagine that it rocks for dinner and after hour cocktails as well.  So as far as the burger goes, its on a baguette with all of your normal burger condiments and it also has a boat load of fries stuffed into it, sounds good, hell yea its good.  I hear that everything on the menu is tasty and the Cheesesteak that my buddy had looked damn good, so I can only believe that the menu delivers.  I know there are lots of good eats on NW 21st, but if you haven't tried Muu-muu's, give it a try!

612 NW 21st Ave.
Portland, OR 97209


Tattoo Update - Session 5

I started this tattoo in March and I'm just a touch up session away from being done!  I have spent about 12 hours with Jason at Oddball now and like I said 4 months ago, I'm stoked that he is doing this tattoo for me.  I have started thinking about what is next and with my recent travels to Honduras, I think that I am going to get Jason to design a Mayan piece for my next tattoo, I would like to take a break for a while, but that's what I always say and it never actually happens.

The reason that I originally went to Oddball is because Hanna over at Por Que No mentioned that Cheyenne had done her 1/2 sleeve.  I had swung into a couple of tattoo shop in town and the only shops that I got a good vibe from were Atlas and Oddball.  I am going to start checking out some portfolios here in the next month to see what other people are doing in Portland, feel free to share some photos with me or tell me about an artist that needs to be seen and I will stop by.  Portland has tons of Tattoo Shops and it's a requirement that you have some ink if you want to live in this fine town, so we need to show the rest of the world some of the cool and unique tattoos we have here and yes, that includes the "Made In Oregon" sign, so hit me with a e-mail and let's take some pictures. 



Slow Bar

Slow Bar has been getting a lot of good press recently in regards to the Slow Burger, and although it's not my favorite burger in town, it is a damn good one.  There are arguably two schools when it comes to burgers, the first I like to refer to as a "classic" burger, Portland restaurants that serve a killer "classic" burger are, Skyline, Stanich's, Red Coach and Yorgo's.  These burgers are usually cooked on a flat top, preferably one that has been passed down many generations and has never been cleaned, they usually have Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickles, a spread of some sort and American or Cheddar Cheese.  The other type of burger is the "fine dining" burger, this is the burger that appears on the Lunch or Happy Hour menu at a nice restaurant, this burger is despised by line cooks who inevitably have to cook one for some regular customer that just wants a damn burger for dinner and yes, I have cooked my share of these burgers.  There have been Chef's over the years that have tried to bring the burger in to the fine dining world and to me, it's just a gimmick, take the Fleur de Lys in Vegas, their burger is made with Kobe Beef, Foie Gras, Black Truffles and more Truffles on Brioche!  Now Burger King holds the record for the Most Expensive Burger, so if you are in London and want to drop $200 on a burger, go see The King!  So anyway, the Slow Burger falls in to the fine dining burger category and although it's a bar, don't be fooled, there is some good food coming out of that kitchen, the menu reads well and there is obviously a Chef hiding back there somewhere.  The Burger is on a Brioche Bun, it's a 1/2 lb. of Strawberry Mountain Natural Beef and is topped with Gruyere, Relish, Butter Lettuce and a couple of huge Onion Rings, oh yea, and the fries are good too!  So if you are in the mood for a tasty "fine dining" burger, but you don't want to hit NW 23rd or the Pearl for it, go to South East and try the Slow Burger.

Slow Bar
533 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, Oregon


Podnah's Pit Barbecue

As far as Portland Barbecue goes, Podnah's is OK, it didn't make me mad like a couple of other so called "BBQ" places do, but it certainly didn't "take me home" either.  I have been there a couple of times and it's consistently decent, this last time I had the Brisket Sandwich with Potato Salad, the Beef was tasty with a nice smoke ring, made with quality meet and the Potato Salad was a good side dish.  There were 2 sauces on the table, one of which seemed to be kind of a Virginia, North Carolina style sauce, also known as garbage, I didn't try it, but I'm not a fan of those types of Sauce.  The other sauce was a tomato based "Texas Style" sauce that was pretty damn good.

The menu reads "Texas Style" and although I didn't see Frito Pie or Blue Bell Ice Cream on the menu, I do think it resembles more of a Texas style than other BBQ spots in town.  Next time I will try the Chili and the Pecan Pie, then we will see if it is truly Texas Style.

Podnah's Pit Barbecue
1469 NE Prescott
Portland, OR 


Best Baguette

After driving by Best Baguette a few dozen times, I finally decided to stop and I'm glad that I did!  It isn't what I expected at all, it's mostly Asian Sandwiches that are served on a Baguette.  The menu is huge, there are probably 30 sandwiches on the menu, most of which are served on a Baguette, there is everything from Ham and Swiss to Pate and Head Cheese.  I went for the BBQ Pork Baguette, it was really simple and delicious, Chinese BBQ Pork, Mayo, Marinated Carrots and Daikon Radish, Cilantro and Jalapeno.  Everything is really fresh, the bread is baked daily and everything is super cheap, my sandwich was $2.65.

Asian sandwiches are my new favorite thing and the word on the street is there are quite a few of these sandwich shops in town, I think it is required that you be in a sketchy location to serve these sandwiches, we will see!

Best Baguette
8308 SE Powell
Portland, OR 97266


2008 Honduras Cup Of Excellence

This week was the on-line auction for the Honduran Cup Of Excellence coffee that I helped judge a few months ago.  This was the 5th COE event in Honduras and year to year, the coffee prices are going up, the #1 Honduran coffee this year sold for $16.65 per pound (green).

Needless to say, this is a huge event for a country that is struggling and for the farmers that might normally only see a dollar per pound if it weren't for COE!  It was a privilege to be a part of the International Jury of Judges that helped rank these coffees for auction.

While drinking beers in Honduras, my buddy Russ and I chatted about bidding together on a Lot of this killer coffee that we were judging and thats exactly what we did.  Portland Roasting and Fratello Coffee bought the Cup Of Excellence coffee from the Las Amazonas farm in Chinacla, which is in the La Paz region of Honduras.

If you have never tried Honduran Coffee, you need to drop what you're doing and head to your local Specialty Coffee Roaster and pick some up.

15 00 N, 86 30 W


Bacon + Chocolate?

Yes, that's right, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Alder Wood Smoked Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate!  This is Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosges Haut Chocolat and if your aren't familiar with Vosges, you need to check them out, they make some crazy chocolates, such as the Kalamata Olive and Venezuelan White Chocolate,  Coconut Curry, and Ginger Wasabi with Black Sesame Seeds. I've always said "if you add bacon to anything, it will make it better" and damn, it looks like I was right on!  Bacon + Chocolate is awesome!