So this is the typical food that I was eating while in Honduras.  This particular dinner included grilled Beef, Chicken and Chorizo, some sort of fried Fish, Shrimp, Beans and Rice, Plantains, Salsa and Cheese.  At this restaurant, the Chorizo was incredible, the best that I had all week, I wish that we had gone back to this place rather than going for "Italian" one night. 

The two beers that I drank while in Honduras were Salva Vida and Port Royal, I preferred the Port Royal and luckily for me, one night at the hotel, they were free until midnight.  My buddy Russ and I decided to drink as many as we could that night and over the course of the evening I think we each had at least fifteen of these golden jewels and ended up at a Karaoke Bar drinking with a bunch of Coffee Farmers.  I almost missed the bus to Copan the next morning.  Needless to say, I don't recommend drinking fifteen beers if you have to ride for three hours on a bus the next day.  


Hotel Copantl in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

I know that Honduras is kind of far from Portland and there certainly aren't any tattoos, I have only seen a couple of tattoos and haven't seen any on the locals.  But for the next few posts, I will be sharing my food experiences that I am having in Honduras.  I am currently in the city of San Pedro Sula and the photo above is from the open air restaurant on the seventh floor of the Hotel Copantl where I am spending my nights.  They brought a grill to the table that was piled high with Chicken, Beef, Pork and Chorizo, it came with a Baked Potato, some nice soup and some interesting salads.  They brought a fondue to the table that consisted of  Refried Beans and a Sour Cream type of Crema.  They also brought some Salsas to the table that were a great addition to the meal, one of them resembled Chimichuri Sauce.  A meal in Honduras wouldn't be complete without Port Royal Beer and  I had many that night, if you ever make it to Honduras, I recommend the Hotel Copantl for some outdoor 7th floor dining .

Hotel Copantl
Residential Los Arcos
Blvd. Del Sur Fte. a Mall Multi Plaza
San Pedro Sula, Cortes Honduras, C.A.



Pambiche is a killer Cuban restaurant on Glisan near 28th and it's one of my favorite places to go for lunch.  I am a sucker for Cuban food and Pambiche does a great job.  A few must haves are the Empanadas, the Jamon Croquetas, Rabo Encendido, and my favorite sandwich, the Croqueta Preparada. and if you dig dessert, you must try the Tres Leches, but if you aren't in to that, there are about 15 other desserts to choose from.  This place fills up so get there early or plan on sitting outside, they are open late so you can hit Pambiche after cocktails. 

2811 NE Glisan
Portland, OR


Salvador Molly's

Salvador Molly's is a funky little cafe in a strip mall over in Hillsdale, their menu is huge and all over the place.  There are dishes from Africa, Hawaii, Mexico and New Orleans on the menu, from Chimichurri to Catfish, the menu is kind of weird!  The strangest thing about the menu is that its pretty good, everything that I have had has been pretty tasty, not everything is authentic, but the flavors are nice.

Last time that I was at Salvador Molly's they had a spread of new menu items out and I tried the Cactus Salad, some sort of Sweet Potato Dahl, Short Ribs, Grilled Shrimp, Cuban Sandwich and some tasty Pork, I wasn't disappointed.  By far the best thing I tried and the main reason that I will go back is for the Jalapeno Margarita, oh my, what an unexpected find.  It's worth the drive over just to check the place out, have a nice bite and a delicious drink.

Salvador Molly's
1523 SW Sunset Blvd.
Portland, Oregon


Tattoo Update - Session 3

So my last trip to Oddball was to start working on the color.  We had decided to do the color in 3 sessions, one for the Snake, one for the Koi and the first one for the Mask.  Jason worked on the back of my leg for about 3 hours this day.  The further we get on this tattoo, the more I like it and look forward to talking to Jason about designing my next one.  So here it is!

Oddball Tattoo Studios
2716 SE 21st
Portland, OR 97202


The Giant

So I had heard a lot of hype about this place, and with their super groovy sign, I assumed the rumors would be true.  Well, as much as I would like to say that I had a great experience here, that's just not the case.  The employees that I chatted with while I waited for my burger were awesome, really nice folks that made me even more excited about my burger.  But when I finally got my burger and fries, they were boring, not awful, certainly not memorable, just boring.  I won't tell everyone I know that it was the worst burger I have ever had, but I also wont be going back to The Giant anytime soon for a Cheeseburger. 

The Giant
15840 Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


Cinco de Mayo in Portland

If you are looking for something to do next Monday, skip the crazy carnival downtown and head over to Trebol for some good eats.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican BBQ at Trebol from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. supports the Hispanic Chamber.  This will be the 1st annual Mexican Barbecue in honor of Cinco de Mayo, they will be busting out Beef Short Ribs, Mexican Beans, Jalapeno Slaw and Sopapillas for $15 per person.  Margarits will be $5 and they are bitchin.

The patio is now open and Trebol is the top notch Mexican Restaurant in town, if you haven't been there yet, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to check it out.

4835 N Albina
Portland, OR 97217