Ling Garden

Ling Garden has been one of my "go to" places for quite some time, especially for lunch.  I love this place, it has great food for a great price and everyone that works there is super nice.  For under $7.00 you get your choice of entree, soup, rice and egg roll, although the lunch menu isn't quite as large as the dinner menu, there are still plenty of things to choose from.  I find myself at Ling Garden quite a bit for lunch and have never been disappointed.

I tend to order one of three things, the General Tso's Chicken, Da Tsin Chicken or Beef with Broccoli and they are all killer!  I don't know what it is about General Tso's Chicken, I know it's not Chinese at all and usually it doesn't taste that great, but I always have to try it and in my opinion, Ling Garden has some of the best in Portland.  They are open for Lunch and Dinner every day and parking at that end of 21st us usually pretty mellow.

Ling Garden
915 NW 21st Ave.
Portland, OR 97209