Sliders have become very mainstream recently, but until a few years ago one of the only places to find a tasty small burger was at Krystals.  They have been around for 75 years and although White Castle was doing it first, Krystal has been at it for quite some time now but unfortunately, you cant find them outside of the Southern United States.  

For all of you Southerners in Portland that are reading this and thinking how much it sucks that we don't have Krystal's in the Northwest, I'm sorry, but there are some good sliders in this town.  I hadn't been to a Krystal in 10 years, but last week I was in Atlanta and was pretty stoked to grab a bag of burgers.

I must say that they weren't as good as I remembered, but few things are, especially something that is delivered within a minute or so.  If you find yourself around a Krystal, make sure you give it a try, but if you are looking for a good slider in Portland, Blueplate is the place to go!