Pike Place - Seattle

Coffeefest Seattle was a few weeks ago and one morning before the show, I decided to walk down Pike Place and take some shots of some of the unique and killer restaurants downtown.  A few of these places I always visit while in Seattle and a few of them I have always wanted to check out but just haven't yet.

Pike Place Market is a great place if you get there early before the tourists, the fresh fish selection here is awesome.

Etta's is a Tom Douglas restaurant and although I haven't had dinner there yet, the brunch is the best that I have had in Seattle.

Cafe Campagne serves traditional French grub!

This place is kind of strange and I haven't eaten anything from here yet.

I am always down on Pike in the morning and have yet to try a Taxi Dog, I love the sign and have heard that they have a killer dog!

Le Panier French Bakery is one of my favorite places in Seattle and always stop in for a tasty French Pastry and a Caffe Umbria Cappuccino!  If you show up late, there is a line out the door and a 30 Minute wait.

This place is a pretty good Chinese Bakery, the only think that I have had is a Barbecue Pork Bun that was damn good, I will certainly try Mee Sum next time Im there.

The Menu at Turkish Delight looks good, Pita Sandwiches, Kebobs, Etc.. and its right next to Taxi Dogs!

I tried going to Sisters European Snacks on this trip but they weren't open when I was there, I have heard this place is really good and the menu looked nice, they do breakfast and lunch and specialize in Focaccia Sandwiches, the word on the street is the Breakfast Sandwichs are bitchin!

Pike Place Chowder has won the "Nations Best Clam Chowder" Award and their Chowder does kick Ass, I am a sucker for Chowder and it's hard to find, so needless to say, when I go to Seattle, I try to grab some Chowder at Pike Place Chowder, they also have a take on one of my favorite sandwiches, the Lobster Roll, theirs is the Dungeness Crab Roll and how can you go wrong with that?