Bella Faccia

There is a fair amount of decent Pie in Portland, but decent just doesn't cut it for me when I am after a tasty slice!  Years ago if I was after a slice, I would hit either Pizza Luna or Bridgeport, Pizza Luna shut down long ago and Bridgeport now Sucks!  So, my new "go to" restaurant for a slice is now Bella Faccia!  If you live in North East Portland I'm sure you know about Bella Faccia, it has been around since 2001, I normally don't find myself in NE that often, but now that I am grooving on Bella Faccia, I will be heading up that way at least once a week.  The menu is pretty standard with 12 and 18 inch Pies, Calzones, a few Salads and Beers, I am yet to have anything that doesn't Rock!  Give it a try, nice folks, great Slice!

Bella Faccia
2934 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211