Tasty Summer Salad

Although raw vegetables are tasty in their own way, in my opinion vegetables always taste better when they are cooked, the sugars come out and the flavors develop.  So even when a salad is on the menu for dinner, depending on the product I have to work with, I will usually roast or saute some of the vegetables.  This was kind of a "black box" type of salad, I had to go with what I had on hand and fortunately I keep some decent food in the fridge.  So without describing everything exactly how it was done, here is the salad that I had for dinner.

Organic mixed greens tossed with fresh herbs and a leek vinaigrette, topped with roasted artichoke hearts, bacon and palm sugar caramelized carrots, finished with herb and Hawaiian sea salt crusted goat cheese.  

Tasty tasty salad and it has two of my favorite ingredients, bacon and palm sugar!