Q Tonic Water

About 8 or 9 years ago I discovered good Gin and went on a bit of a Gin kick, for a couple of years I decided that I needed to taste all of the best Gins and other than sipping on a nice glass of Miller's, I usually found myself ordering a Gin & Tonic. Tonic Water in general is pretty damn sweet and I am certain that the stuff that comes out of the gun contains a ton of corn syrup and as we all know, lots of alcohol + lots of sugar = bad hangover! So when I realized how much I missed Tanqueray 10, Miller's and Bombay, I immediately went on a quest to find good tonic water. So although I got wind of a few different Tonics out there, what I decided to do is to make my own, there are a few bars in Portland that are doing it and I had the best G & T that I have ever had last week at Bouchon in Vegas and yes, they make their own Tonic. But until I perfect my own Tonic, I will be driving to Foster & Dobbs to buy these little bottles of Q Tonic. This stuff is tasty, for me it goes well with Tanqueray 10, a bit of Ice and a lime. In my opinion, Q Tonic is the best on the market, it's sweetened with Agave and is made with all natural ingredients. Go check it out!

Q Tonic
available at Foster & Dobbs on NE 15th