In-N-Out - Las Vegas

I rarely write about the food scene outside of Portland and I know that those of you who dig In-N-Out don't need to be reminded of how much it sucks that we don't have one here, and those of you who don't dig In-N-Out aren't really interested in hearing anything else about this over hyped fast food burger joint.  But while in Vegas I only had two meals that were worth me being in that awful town and one of them was at In-N-Out, I will talk about the other one later.

In-N-Out is simple and tasty, burgers, fries, Coke and Shakes, that's it!  As always, I went for a Double Double and Well Done Animal Style Fries and it was as good as I remembered, it had been a little over a year since my last Double Double and I wasn't dissapointed.  There is a funny little "not so secret menu" at In-N-Out that isn't posted anywhere, but if you know it, you can get some extra tasty eats.