Anasazi Bean Burger

I am the opposite of a Vegetarian and rarely eat anything that is considered to be"vegetarian", I eat a ton of salads and drink a V-8 every morning, but when it comes to Tofu, TVP, Soy Milk, Brown Rice or Quinoa, I can do without it!  But I do like Legumes, and Anasazi Beans are one of my favorites.  Anasazi Beans are one of the more well known heirloom beans out there, and have even been spotted on the menu of  a local fast food restaurant recently.  One of my favorite bean burgers is at The Moontime in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, they have perfected the art of making the perfect Anasazi Bean Burger, I have worked a long time I my recipe and I like to think mine is pretty damn good too!