If you aren't familiar with Aebelskivers, they are similar to American pancakes but you cook them in a funky little pan and the end result is a round, bite size "pancake."  I have only had them at Dutch restaurants and they are always served for breakfast in place of pancakes.  My understanding is that in Denmark they aren't served for breakfast but are often paired with Mulled Wine.  I cook them for breakfast and my son loves them, I make him some plain ones and then get funky with the others, my favorites are stuffed with Sausage and Havarti, Ham and Goat Cheese, and Raspberry Jam.

The ingredients are about the same as Pancakes, flour, sugar, baking powder, etc., I have read recipes that call for Yeast, but the recipe that I have been using for many years doesn't use Yeast, and I am happy with my Aebelskivers so I don't try recipes.  The pan you cook these in is the important part, mine is cast iron and holds heat very well, I think I bought mine at Otto's in Woodstock.  If you decide to go out and buy the pan and become a Aebelskiver Freak like me, make sure you buy a solid Cast Iron Pan, no plastic handles, and season it every day for a week, every different way that you have ever heard of seasoning Cast Iron, with Salt, Butter, Crisco, Pan Spray, Grape Seed Oil, whatever, and when you do get around to cooking these things, make sure you use a ton of Pan Spray because these want to stick and once they do, you are kind of screwed until you can season that pan again.