Tattoo Update - Session 5

I started this tattoo in March and I'm just a touch up session away from being done!  I have spent about 12 hours with Jason at Oddball now and like I said 4 months ago, I'm stoked that he is doing this tattoo for me.  I have started thinking about what is next and with my recent travels to Honduras, I think that I am going to get Jason to design a Mayan piece for my next tattoo, I would like to take a break for a while, but that's what I always say and it never actually happens.

The reason that I originally went to Oddball is because Hanna over at Por Que No mentioned that Cheyenne had done her 1/2 sleeve.  I had swung into a couple of tattoo shop in town and the only shops that I got a good vibe from were Atlas and Oddball.  I am going to start checking out some portfolios here in the next month to see what other people are doing in Portland, feel free to share some photos with me or tell me about an artist that needs to be seen and I will stop by.  Portland has tons of Tattoo Shops and it's a requirement that you have some ink if you want to live in this fine town, so we need to show the rest of the world some of the cool and unique tattoos we have here and yes, that includes the "Made In Oregon" sign, so hit me with a e-mail and let's take some pictures.