So this is the typical food that I was eating while in Honduras.  This particular dinner included grilled Beef, Chicken and Chorizo, some sort of fried Fish, Shrimp, Beans and Rice, Plantains, Salsa and Cheese.  At this restaurant, the Chorizo was incredible, the best that I had all week, I wish that we had gone back to this place rather than going for "Italian" one night. 

The two beers that I drank while in Honduras were Salva Vida and Port Royal, I preferred the Port Royal and luckily for me, one night at the hotel, they were free until midnight.  My buddy Russ and I decided to drink as many as we could that night and over the course of the evening I think we each had at least fifteen of these golden jewels and ended up at a Karaoke Bar drinking with a bunch of Coffee Farmers.  I almost missed the bus to Copan the next morning.  Needless to say, I don't recommend drinking fifteen beers if you have to ride for three hours on a bus the next day.