Nostrana is one of those restaurants that I have driven by about 100 times and for some reason just never had the occasion to stop.  Well, last week I finally made my way into Nostrana for lunch and was very impressed.  The space is huge, high ceilings with open beams is the look of the dining room but the expo kitchen is the focus of the restaurant.  The menu reads well and the wine list is nice, the only thing that I found odd was the seating, the chairs weren't uncomfortable, but they were kind of flimsy, made out of plastic and looked out of place to me.

I went for a Pizza, and although they all sounded tasty, I went for one that had Ricotta, Onion, Pancetta and Nettles, it was good, it could have done without the Nettles, but if the Chef digs Spring Nettles, then who the hell am I to argue!  They have a sweet wood oven and it produces some bitchin Pie, OK, I'll say it, this is one of my new favorite Pizza spots.  My Newcastle was cold and the Bread was damn good, the bread was actually some of the best that I have had in Portland.  I dig Italian food but rarely go out for it, now that I have found a decent Italian Restaurant, I will certainly go back for more.

1401 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214