Yorgo's Bar & Grill

Once again the guys over at Portland Hamburgers steered me in the right direction.  My search for the perfect burger led me to Yorgo's up in North Portland, dive bar, yes, smokey, yes, bitchin burger, hell yes!  Yorgo's is certainly on my top 10 Portland Burger list and I will go back there soon.  I went with a straight forward bacon cheeseburger, some killer fresh cut fries and oddly enough, I had a Hefeweizen that really hit the spot.  

My buddy Shea went with some sort of Barbecue Burger that sounded damn good to me, he too really like this place and as they say over at the Portland Burger Blog, Bonus Pickle!  I heard Yorgo's is the place to go for bitchin drink specials.

Yorgo's Bar & Grill
5421 North Greeley Ave.
Portland, OR 97217