Nu Cafe

Lunch has been the gig for Nu Cafe for about a year now and since it has proven that it can survive at it's inner southeast location, it's time to go big with dinner.  Over the past year, I have spent a fair amount of time at Nu Cafe and consider the Chef/Owner Rob, to be a friend of mine, he and I share a lot of the same ideas about cooking and I dig talking shop with him.  We are the same age and have kicking around the restaurant business for about the same amount of time so needless to say, when he said that he was going to be opening for dinner and would have Newcastle in the fridge, I was stoked.

Some of my favorite lunch items include the Pork Rillette, Bibb Salad, Cuban Sandwich and Caponata.  The dinner plates that I have my eye on are the Salumi, Braised Beef and oh yea, some tasty Porcetta!  In my "Best Of 2007" I named Nu Cafe as my favorite lunch spot and I look forward to seeing them become one of the great dinner spots in Southeast.  Nu Cafe is a must if you groove on trying the food of different Chef's in town, go have a couple of small plates and a couple of glasses of wine, mix it up, you wont be pissed that you did!

Lunch - Monday through Friday
Dinner - Tuesday through Saturday

Nu Cafe
621 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214