New Tattoo - Outline

So after taking almost a year to find a tattoo artist in Portland, I finally made my way in to Oddball Studios and was lucky enough to meet Jason, after a quick conversation about what I was thinking about, he agreed to rock out my newest Tattoo.  I took one look at his portfolio and knew that I wanted him to design something for me, I told him what I was thinking about and he came back with a killer design.  A few weeks later, we spent about 4 hours together, and after getting the design on to my leg, much of which he just freehanded, I walked away from my first session at Oddball with a smile on my face.

I knew that I wanted a Asian sleeve from my ankle to knee, I wanted it to be fairly traditional and left it up to Jason to use his expertise in Asian Tattoos to come up with a design for me.  In a couple of weeks when I get the shading done you will be able to see some details a bit better, but you should get the idea of the Koi, Snake and Hanya Mask surrounded by Water and Waves.  Jason is a talented Artist and is great with the Tattoo Gun, his line work is killer and I cant wait to see the shading and colors that will happen in the weeks to come.

Oddball Studios
2716 SE 21st Ave.
Portland, OR 97202