A couple of weeks ago I met a buddy of mine for lunch at Higgins, he and I worked together 7 years ago at a little bistro in Manhattan, Montana.  I couldn't have picked a better person to join me for lunch, it had been about 10 years since I had last eaten at Higgins and I wanted to try a couple of things on the menu.  We started with a Charcuterie Plate that had about 8 different meats that are all cured in house as well as some pickled vegetables.  All of the meats were perfect, I can honestly say that it was the best Charcuterie Plate that I have ever had.

I went with a open faced Pastrami Sandwich as my Entree and it too was perfect.  The Pastrami was house cured, the bread was perfect and the side salad was excellent.  Higgins is now on my list of top restaurants, it was when I lived here 10 years ago and I don't know why it took me a year after moving back to finally make my way back through the restaurant doors.  Greg Higgins has done great things for the food scene in Portland and his restaurant continues to pump out amazing food.  I look forward to my next meal at Higgins.

1239 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205