Food & Ink

A buddy of mine recently asked me why I only give good reviews when I am talking about restaurants, when the reality is that most of the meals I have at restaurants pretty much Suck!  I guess the reason is that although I always have my Nikon with me, I rarely want to take a picture of a shitty restaurant after I have just had a bad meal there.  I don't want to bad mouth anyones food just because I don't like it, well, the fact of the matter is that I do bad mouth a place when it sucks but it's only to my friends and of course to my wife, and then I don't go back.  I do hold grudges when it comes to bad food, I haven't been to a Outback Steakhouse in 10 years because they pissed me off and to this day if someone mentions Outback, I bad mouth them and will until the day I die.  So I guess the way that I am looking at it now is, if I write about a crappy restaurant, then you wont have to waste your time and blindly try it out.  So restaurants be warned, if your food sucks and I eat there, I will write about it, if the service sucks, I will write about it, if you don't want to hear about how much your restaurant Sucks, then don't read this blog.