There are very few things that I miss about the East Coast, but one of things that I do miss is the unique style of sandwich that people call a "East Coast Sandwich" out here.  There are a few places around town that unsuccessfully try to recreate these sandwiches but remain busy, I don't understand it.  What I do understand, is that every time I go to Tributes, I end up waiting, I can't find a place to park and usually have to take my food with me because its so damn busy.  There aren't many places that I think are worth waiting in line for, and certainly not many that I will drive around trying to find a parking spot for, but if I am in the mood for a decent Philly or Reuben, I will gladly circle the block and stand in line at Tributes.  The sandwiches are great, the Pizza is good and the service is always awesome.  By far, the best sandwich in Portland!

2272 NW Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97201