Tattoo - A Couple of Mine

This one is a custom piece under my arm, it took three sessions and a total of eight hours, and every minute of this one hurt!  It took a couple of tries, but he finally was able to understand my vision and draw it the way that we both saw it.  The Reverend Todd at Triumphant 2 in Coeur d'Alene did both of these pieces as well as about ten other of my tattoos.

The Bagpiper is on the inside of the same arm, this arm is devoted to my Scottish heritage, there is plenty of knot work and Scottish art on this sleeve.  I need to get going on my other sleeve, but I haven't found anyone in Portland to go to town on my right arm, I look forward to photographing and posting the evolution of my next tattoo.  I need someone to turn me on to a bitchin tattoo artist in Portland, help me out.  If you are ever passing through North Idaho and need to get drilled on, stop by and see Rev at Triumphant, he is one of the few things that I miss about Coeur d'Alene.