Russell Street Bar-B-Que

Having grown up in the south, I have eaten my share of Barbecue.  I have had just about every type of Barbecue there is, including Kansas City, Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, the strange Mayonnaise based Alabama White BBQ and my favorite, Texas.  I'm yet to find a true Texas Barbecue in Portland, there are a few that try, but I have had more bad BBQ in Portland than good, mind you, I haven't tried every place in town, but I have had quite a few Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Brisket Platters.  Big Daddy's is Bad, Buster's is OK and Podnah's Pit is great, but in my opinion, Russell Street Bar-B-Que nails it.

I've had the Brisket, Pulled Pork and Sausage, I haven't tried the Pimento Cheese, Hush Puppies or Frito Pie yet, soon enough!  I can't mention Russell Street Bar-B-Que without talking up the Fries, they are the best in town, hand cut and served with a Cajun mayo.  Overall, Russell Street BBQ does a great job, good food, good beer and nice folks, that's enough for me to go back.

Russell Street Bar-B-Que
325 NE Russell Street
Portland, OR 97212