My Best Of 2007

So here is my "Best of" for 2007, I'm stoked to be back in Portland and I have so many favorite places, it was hard to narrow it down and I apologize to anyone that I have left off.

Best Restaurant - Park Kitchen
Best New Restaurant - Biwa
Best Chef - Kenny Hill at Trebol
Best Lunch - Nu Cafe
Best Burger - Stanich's
Best Taco - Por Que No
Best Barbecue - Russell Street Bar-B-Que
Best Pizza - Ken's Artisan Pizza
Best Bagel - Kenny & Zukes
Best Fish & Chips - Highland Still House
Best Sandwich - Tributes
Best Food Cart - Aybla
Best Pub - The Horse Brass
Best Coffee - Portland Roasting
Best Coffee Shop - Crema
Best Desserts - Papa Haydn
Best Breakfast - Bread & Ink Cafe
Best Bakery - Ken's Artisan Bakery & Di Prima Dolce Italian Bakery
Best Chinese Restaurant - Hunan
Best Dim Sum - Fong Chong
Best Thai - Thai Mango
Best Italian - Pazzo
Best French Restaurant - Carafe
Best Brunch - Papa Haydn
Best Cheese - Steve's Cheese
Best French Fries - Russell Street Bar-B-Que
Best Vegetarian - Laughing Planet
Best Vegan - Who Cares?

And just for the hell of it!

Best Album - Planet of Ice by Minus The Bear
Best "New" Band - This Will Destroy You
Best Concert - Zappa Plays Zappa at The Roseland
Best Movie - Superbad
Best TV Show - How I Met Your Mother
Best Reality TV - Beauty & The Geek