Crema does a great job pulling shots of espresso, they also rock out some tasty sandwiches and the French Press Coffee is a nice touch.  But what they are really great at is the baking, I have had a killer Ham and Cheese Croissant, some sort of Vegetable and Egg Turnover thing that was a bit messy but damn if it didn't hit the spot!  The best thing that I have had from Crema is the Manchego and Mushroom Biscuit, this jewel isn't to be overlooked next time you are druling over the pastry case.  Yea Yea, they have your Soy Latte, but I suppose if you are drinking Soy, then you should stay away from the Manchego anyway, right?  Anyway, Manchego is one of my favorite Cheeses, as far as Spanish Cheese goes, Manchego is pretty "middle of the road" but I have a soft spot in my belly for tasty Spanish Cheese no matter what it is!  So, Crema rocks, they have good Coffee, decent service, a cool space and great Baked Goods, they are on the corner of SE 28th and Ankeny next to Noble Rot,  give it a try.

2728 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, OR 97214