Papa Haydn East

I live in Sellwood and although there are a ton of restaurants, there are only a few good ones to choose from, and only a couple of them do a decent job with takeout.  Any time we want takeout, or a great Sunday brunch, we go to Papa Haydn.

The Burger is made from American Kobe Beef and is served on a killer Brioche Bun, the Cobb Salad is big enough for two, and is packed with quality ingredients.  Everything I have tried is great, every sandwich is tasty and the Scallops that I had the first time I went were perfect, not overcooked.  They bake everything in house and have a huge bakery case full cakes and pies that is hard to walk by without ordering something. 

I have sampled the St. Moritz German Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Gateau, Georgian Peanut Butter Mousse, Cassata and Chocolate Torte, they are all huge and damn tasty.  If you haven't tried Papa Haydn for Brunch, give them a try, you might want to make a reservation because they get packed.

Papa Haydn East
5829 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR 97202


Christmas Eve Dinner

Molasses and Mustard Pork Tenderloin with Pancetta and Caramelized Onions, Grilled Carrots, Roasted Red Pepper and Green Onion Potato Salad with a Bourbon Syrup was on the Menu at my house for Christmas Eve Dinner.  It was cold and raining, but I uncovered the Grill and cooked in the rain because I was in the mood for Grilled Meat, sometimes you've got to have it!  Everything worked together, it was a tasty meal, I was going to do a Sunchoke and Yukon Mash, and I actually think that would have worked a bit better, but the cold Potato Salad was really good and I went back for seconds.  We did random food for Christmas Day, no real meal, just food, Orange Glazed Croissants, Gruyere and Leek Quiche, Otto's Sausage and Cheddar Quiche and Crab cakes were going around all day.  Not exactly the "normal" holiday food, but it was good, what did you eat?  Happy Holidays!


Voodoo Doughnuts

I went to Voodoo Doughnuts for the first time about six months ago and swore that I would never go back, the doughnuts are fine but the service was so horrible that I was actually insulted.  The girl behind the counter literally threw my doughnut on the counter and then my change on and next to it, so I chose to not go back.  Well, this week I was heading to Old Town Music and happened to park next to Voodoo, so I decided to give it another chance and to my surprise, the girl that waited on me was super nice and very happy, the doughnut was awesome and I was stoked when I left.  A Maple Bacon Doughnut isn't anything cutting edge, but it's damn tasty, I was making Maple Bacon Bread Pudding 10 years ago and I know that I wasn't the first one to make it.  Voodoo Doughnuts is doing some cool and unique stuff and I think its pretty cool that they are willing to try some crazy flavors and funky toppings and for that I give them a thumbs up.  So, if you find yourself downtown and you need a delicious doughnut, go try the Maple Bacon, the Cock & Balls or the Captain Crunch, you wont be disappointed.


Yes, there is good Coffee outside of Portland

Portland is certainly the hub for micro roasted Coffee these days, and what Portland Roasting and Stumptown are doing for Portland, The Roasterie is doing the same for Kansas City, yes I said Kansas City.  I met these guys at SCAA earlier in the year down in L.A. and have been ordering their Coffee every couple of months since then.  I am a big fan of Panamanian Coffee and the Panama Typica from The Roasterie that showed up on my doorstep a couple of days ago is a perfect example of what Coffee from Panama should taste like.

"Super T" from The Roasterie is an excellent Espresso, it's sweet and fruity, lots of Caramel and Chocolate going on.  I assume it cuts through milk nicely, but when I get my hands on the Super T, I don't mess around with any milk, I only care about Crema.   I drink Portland coffee 90% of the time, usually its some bitchin single origin from Portland Roasting, but when I want to stray a bit, The Roasterie is usually the way I roll.

The Roasterie
1204 W. 27th St.
Kansas City, MO 64108


My Homemade Burger

So I have been looking for the best Burger in Portland for quite some time now and I have finally found it.  There are so many great Burgers in this town that it's hard to narrow it down to just one, but after I describe this one, you will understand.  It started with a fresh homemade Challah bun, warm and fresh out of the oven, Caramelized Onions, Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup, Mayo, Pan Seared Ground Beef and Rogue Creamery Smoked Blue Cheese.

So this burger came out of my kitchen, as did the Challah.  The buns are the same ones that I made every morning when I had my restaurant so it's not that big of a deal, the Bread is such a huge part of the Burger, if you cant make your own, search it out and find a bakery that makes their own.  As for the Beef, Painted Hills Natural Ground Beef is the way to go!  If you haven't had any of the Rogue Creamery Cheeses, you must try the Smokey Blue, it is just like it sounds, delicious.  

So there it is, I'm saying it, the search is over, the best burger in Portland has come out of my kitchen, the folks over at the Portland Hamburgers Blog have shown me a few places that I haven't tried yet, so I'm not saying game over quite yet, if you know of a bitchin burger, point me in the right direction.



Ah yes, Blueplate!  I had heard about this place for quite some time before I finally made my way down there, and I must say that it was not at all what I expected.  I now know of 3 cool restaurants that have electric kitchens, Blueplate, Little Red Bike and Nu Cafe, all of which are rockin out better food than a lot of restaurants in town.  The menu at Blueplate is small but they have some pretty bitchin specials every day, and they have quite the drink menu.  I went with a couple of Sliders and some Mashed Potatoes, they were great, next time I am in the mood for Sliders and a Malt, I will certainly head back downtown.  The place is pretty small, so go early and if its busy, don't expect to get out quickly, but in my opinion, it's worth it!

308 SW Washington St.
Portland, OR 97204


Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

Since leaving the east coast 13 years ago, I haven't been able to find a good bagel.  I'm not going to say that Kenny & Zuke's has New York bagels, but I can certainly say that they have the best in Portland.  There are only 2 decent bagels in town and they are very different from each other, Kettleman's are good, but I really think that K & Z's nails it.  If you like Pastrami, you have got to try this place, damn man, the Pastrami here rules, breakfast is great and the service is solid.

They are certainly going for the New York type of place and they are doing a really good job, I look forward to going back and trying some other things on the menu.  If you are craving a Knish, they are awesome here, the best I have had in Portland.  You might have to drive around the block a dozen times, but once you land a parking spot and get some Pastrami in your belly, you will be as stoked as I am that Kenny & Zuke's opened it's doors.

Kenny & Zukes Delicatessan
1038 SW Stark St.
Portland, OR 97205


Tattoo - Hanna @ ¿Por QuĂ© No?

Por Que No ROCKS, I've said it once and I will say it again.  Hanna is one of the super cool folks  at my favorite Taqueria and she has some killer Ink.  Her half sleeve was done in two parts, it was started in Florida and finished at Oddball Tattoo.  I'm yet to see any work done at Oddball that was anything other that stellar.  Next time you want a bitchin Taco and want to see a nice tattoo swing by Por Que No and say hi to Hanna.


Sokol Blosser

Sokol Blosser winery is a family owned and operated winery in Dundee Oregon that is making some of the best Pinot Noir around.  They planted their first vines in 1971 and were certified Organic in 2005.  Their Evolution and Meditrina blends rock, they are two of my favorite wines, but the Estate Cuvee Pinot Noir is where it's at, track it down and give it a try.

Sokol Blosser Winery
5000 Sokol Blosser Lane
Dundee, OR 97115



My buddy Kenny Hill is rockin out the bitchin Oaxacan grub at his restaurant in North Portland.  Kenny was at Higgin's for eight years before he decided to go at it on his own and I think he picked a great space for what he is doing.  I have had his Chorizo and Potato Empanadas, some of the best Chicken that I have ever tasted and a Tamarind Honey Glazed Pork that was killer.  I look forward to going back and trying his newest menu, he also mentioned the "B" word a couple of weeks ago and I know that the Brunch menu at Trebol will be as good as the Dinner menu.

4835 North Albina Ave.
Portland, OR 97217


Sriracha Tattoo

I am a big fan of Srirach, and yes I had the label Tattood on my leg. I have devoted my left leg to the industry that I spent 15 years in. So on that leg I have the Srirach and the Sabatier Chefs Knife, soon I hope to have a Pork product of some sort, or maybe one of my Shun knives. This Tattoo was done by my buddy up in Idaho, The Reverend Todd owns Triumphant 2 Tattoo Shop in Coeur d'Alene and he has done my last 10 or 12 Tattoos, I hope to be in his chair again soon. Let me know if you have any food Tattoos, I would like see them.