Yes, there is good Coffee outside of Portland

Portland is certainly the hub for micro roasted Coffee these days, and what Portland Roasting and Stumptown are doing for Portland, The Roasterie is doing the same for Kansas City, yes I said Kansas City.  I met these guys at SCAA earlier in the year down in L.A. and have been ordering their Coffee every couple of months since then.  I am a big fan of Panamanian Coffee and the Panama Typica from The Roasterie that showed up on my doorstep a couple of days ago is a perfect example of what Coffee from Panama should taste like.

"Super T" from The Roasterie is an excellent Espresso, it's sweet and fruity, lots of Caramel and Chocolate going on.  I assume it cuts through milk nicely, but when I get my hands on the Super T, I don't mess around with any milk, I only care about Crema.   I drink Portland coffee 90% of the time, usually its some bitchin single origin from Portland Roasting, but when I want to stray a bit, The Roasterie is usually the way I roll.

The Roasterie
1204 W. 27th St.
Kansas City, MO 64108