Christmas Eve Dinner

Molasses and Mustard Pork Tenderloin with Pancetta and Caramelized Onions, Grilled Carrots, Roasted Red Pepper and Green Onion Potato Salad with a Bourbon Syrup was on the Menu at my house for Christmas Eve Dinner.  It was cold and raining, but I uncovered the Grill and cooked in the rain because I was in the mood for Grilled Meat, sometimes you've got to have it!  Everything worked together, it was a tasty meal, I was going to do a Sunchoke and Yukon Mash, and I actually think that would have worked a bit better, but the cold Potato Salad was really good and I went back for seconds.  We did random food for Christmas Day, no real meal, just food, Orange Glazed Croissants, Gruyere and Leek Quiche, Otto's Sausage and Cheddar Quiche and Crab cakes were going around all day.  Not exactly the "normal" holiday food, but it was good, what did you eat?  Happy Holidays!