Belmont Station

I love Beer! The Bayern Octoberfest this year is pretty good, Bayern is out of Missoula Montana and until recently, you could only get Bayern in Montana. The Deschutes Jubelale is bitchin this year, I must warn you, it is really hard to only drink one and they are potent! Newcastle, what can I say about this killer Brown Ale, Newcastle is my favorite beer.

Unibroue is a brewery in Quebec, they have been doing some of the best beer around for quite some time now. My favorite beers of theirs are the Maudite and La Fin Du Monde, both very complex and super big. If you are a beer Dork you are familiar with Unibroue, if you havent had it, go give it a try.

Elysian Brewery is Brewing some of the best beer in the Northwest and I am yet to have any of their beers that I was dissapointed in, and oh yes, the Original Bathbeer from the Brandenburg region of Germany, by far my favorite German Beer, I don't have it very often, but when i do, its a good day. Drink more Beer!

Belmont Station
4520 Se Belmont St
Portland, Oregon