Pork Philly

With the rain and the cool air being a part of our everyday lives now, I am spending way more time in the kitchen. Although the majority of my cooking has gone down in restaurant kitchens, I can certainly hold my own in a home kitchen. I do miss having a Robot Coupe, Hobart, Salamander and a boat motor of a Burr Mixer to use, but I have plenty of kitchen toys and an arsinal of Chef Knives to use when I need them.

There are a few menu items from my restaurant that I occasionally crave, last weekend I made Chili and this weekend I made the Pork Philly that was on my lunch menu. This is one of my top 5 favorite sandwiches, I would rather have this Philly than any Cheesesteak in Portland, actually I havent had a bitchin Cheesesteak in Portland. Point me in the right direction if you know of a great Portland Cheesesteak.