Garden State

I am a huge fan of food carts, I find myself downtown fairly often hitting the carts for lunch. I am yet to be dissapointed with any food cart in Portland, so needless to say, when I hear about a new one, I'm on it! Garden State is the first of what will soon be a new "Food Court" on the corner of Southeast 13th & Lexington in Sellwood. Italian Street Food is on the menu at Garden State and since today was their opening day, I decided to stop by for a bite. I sampled a couple of things on the menu, the first was a Mashed Potato Croquette, it was excellent, very unique and tasty, the second was a Cheese stuffed Rice Ball, damn that is some good eats. I look forward to heading back for some grilled chicken and one of my favorites, Sausage and Peppers, I am confident that everything will be great. Garden State is doing something cool and unique, they will soon have a couple of neighbors and hopefully it will become a destination for folks who are looking for something different in Southeast. Sellwood needs some new food, its the part of town that I call home and I am stoked there is a new scene sprouting up on the corner of 13th and Lexington. Oh yea, and they are serving delicious Portland Roasting Coffee! Check it out.