Sriracha Mac & Cheese

As Fall finally arrived last weekend, my cooking style quickly took a big U-Turn. If my grill didnt kick ass, I might just leave the cover on it until next Spring, but its way too cool to do that, I will touch on my cool grill at different time. It's time to dig out the big Stock Pot for Pork and White Bean Chili and the Braising Pan for Pork Shoulder.

The weather this week has screamed Portland to me and as it often does, the weather pointed my cooking in its own direction. Usually when I crave Mac and Cheese, I go for the dish that was on the menu at my restaurant, Smoked Gouda with Ham Mac & Cheese, oh yes, it's as good as it sounds. But, this week I was craving traditional baked Mac & Cheese with the crunchy Bread Crumb topping, and the only thing that it needed after resting for about 30 minutes was a healthy dose of Srirach. If you have never had Srirach Mac & Cheese, you havent lived. Go to your favorite restaurant, order some Mac & Cheese, if they dont have it on the menu, just tell them what you are craving and if you know somone in the kitchen, they will hook you up, and you know that there is a bottle of Srirach kicking around in that kitchen somewhere.