Biwa Restaurant

When I hear of a new restaurant in "Inner Southeast" my ears perk up, when I hear that it's Asian I start getting excited, when I hear they make their own Ramen, I say "oh yea, I love Biwa, it's one of my favorite places." It's also in one of my favorite buildings, the old La Luna spot, which is like the Showbox in Seattle to me, far too many great shows to list.

When I first ate at Biwa, I had Miso Soup and a plate of skewers, the skewers were Steak and Green Onion, Chicken, Shitake and oh yes, Pork Belly. Well, I would love to say that I have had everything on the menu, but the truth is, I am yet to try something different, its so damn good that I crave Miso Soup and Skewers. Biwa was always my solid lunch spot, but now they are only open for dinner, so my visits to the old La Luna building are not going to be as frequent, but I will still spread the word and get there as often as possible.

I could really go for some Pork Belly and Hi Chew right now.

215 SE 9th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214