Little Big Buger

Little Big Burger... I heard a lot about LBB so I had to give it a try. The burger was good, cooked to Medium and well seasoned, the bun was great, toasty and tasty, the condiments on the burger were there, but they didn't shine. Now the fries said that they were tossed with truffle oil, I didn't taste any truffle oil, I assumed they would be hand cut fries, pretty sure they weren't, if they were, they resembled frozen fries, which is a drag. I'll go back to LBB for the burger, I'll get two next time and I'll give the fries a second chance, maybe I was there on a bad day. I like what LBB is doing and look forward to getting back to give them another go...


New Website...

Okay, the time is finally here, FOODANDINK.COM will be back up and running on Monday, November 29th! Click over there, check it out, find us on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned...


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Food & Ink T-Shirts have arrived! The store at foodandink.com will be up and running soon, if you want one now, just e-mail me...

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F&I May will be available on May 5th.

New features this month will include Wine, Coffee, Music and Culture, as well as Chefs, Tattoos, Recipes and other tasty info. Stay tuned!



Okay, this time I'm serious, the website should be live in the next day or two. For now, check us out on Flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/foodandink

Keep checking back, I'll post when the site is up!


Food & Ink Online Magazine

The Food & Ink Online Magazine is almost done! It's in the works and looking good, a few more tweeks and it will go live, it will include Monthly Features, Newsletter, Recipes, Chefs, Tattoo Artists, Reader Tattoo Gallery, and plenty of other awesome content. Stay tuned, its all happening.....



I am working on a new website and different format for Food and Ink, it will soon be a full blown On Line Magazine. I'm hoping, with the help of amazing friends, that it will be up and running by the beginning of you new year, actually looking at February 1 for issue #1.

Thanks to the idiots that have decided to use my comment section in the hopes that they will boost their Viagra sales and to the nice Japanese folks that have been trying to post something a few times every day, I have CLOSED the comment section, if you would like to comment on something, please email me and I will gladly post it, Thanks!!!!

Thank you so very much for your support, we will be back soon.


Fletch Halyburton, Park City, Utah

Fletch Halyburton is the Executive Chef and Partner for Savoury Kitchen in Park City, Utah. They're a catering company that is doing it right, brining their own pickles, breaking down whole hogs, canning, composting and buying locally. Those sweet tongs were laid on at 11th Street Electric Tattoo in Salt Lake City.

It's great to see people banging out good food in different parts of the country, the "farm to table" movement is huge in the Northwest and its nice to see it popping up elsewhere. There is something about Chefs breaking down whole hogs that makes me happy, using those bits that are so often frowned upon, braising the cheeks and eating them on the line, not even sharing with the customer, making head cheese and using the trotters, damn, I'm getting hungry! I truly miss working in kitchens. Hats off to the guys at Savoury Kitchen, if you are in need of some catering in Park City, Utah, give them a call.

Savoury Kitchen
Park City, Utah


Mary Angela's Pizzeria- Richmond, VA

I roll in to town after driving about 3000 miles in 2.5 days and all that I can think about is making my down to Carytown for a Cheesesteak from Mary A's! It wasn't until the next day that I finally made it downtown for that delicious sandwich. I also had to get a pie for my son, who has turned into quite the pizza connoisseur over the past few years.

When I lived in the "Fan" 15 years ago, I made it to Mary A's at least once a week, probably twice, it was cheap and awesome, huge slices, good folks and in my opinion, still the best Cheesesteak in Richmond. Didn't see any tattoos behind the counter, kind of a bummer, but that's becoming a trend, not a lot of ink in this town!

Everyone in town knows that Mary Angela's kicks ass, so this isn't news to any Richmonders, but for those of you who have never been to RVA, if you find yourself here, looking for some tasty food, Mary A's is a must!!!!!!

Mary Angela's Pizzeria
3345 W Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221


Apizza Scholls - Portland, Oregon

Apizza Scholls has had so much press and such a buzz around it that I avoided it until now, actually, my son and I tried going about a year ago and the staff was so rude, that we decided not to wait the hour and went to Kens instead. Apizza Scholls didn't do take out for a long time and as a single Dad, it's much easier to grab a pie and take it home, so that's another reason I avoided this place for so long. So, with all of that said, it was my last night in Portland, my son was already on the East Coast, I was sleeping on a air mattress and I was hungry!

I rolled in to Apizza Scholls and the place was packed, since they now do "to go" pies a few night a week, I decided to order it to go, grab a drink and take it to my empty house. I went with a Sausage and Onion pie, it was not only what I expected, but it was a bit more. I was really impressed with Apizza Scholls, still kind of pissed about the first time I tried to go, but will certainly go back next time I'm in Portland. My favorite pie in town is still Ken's, but Apizza Scholls is a solid second and with a few more visits, I might just have a new favorite!!!

Apizza Scholls
4741 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR


Adam Greenberg, West Hartford, CT

Adam Greenberg is the Executive Chef at Barcelona Wine Bar in West Hartford, CT. This tattoo is a Japanese Masonobu Knife and the artist is Jay Hanoush of Green Man Tattoo Studio in West Hartford. That's a nice tattoo, and a sweet knife! It's nice to see others that are passionate enough to get the tool of their trade tattooed on their body, my 10 inch Sabatier is and always will be one of my favorite tattoos.

Green Man Tattoo Studio
207 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119